Sunday, September 5, 2010

Announcing - The Kojo Learning Environment

Time seems to be flying by. It's been almost two years since my last post! I need to make sure that I write (much) more frequently going forward.

I have been busy for the past many months working on a educational tool: The Kojo Learning Environment. It's finally time to announce it on my Blog!

Kojo is (hopefully) a fun and friendly graphical environment for playing with:
  • Beginner level Computer Programming - using a Logo like environment.
  • More advanced Programming - using a Processing like environment.
  • Mathematics - inside a Geometer's Sketchpad like Virtual Lab.
Kojo is also a super REPL for Scala (I use it for all my Scala REPL needs).

Check out Kojo when you get a chance, and let me know what you think.

Upcoming posts (this is just to make sure that I do write them, given that I've just announced them!):
  • Using Scala's XML literal support as a (very powerful, in my mind) web templating tool.
  • Automated web testing with Swill (a Scala based tool that I have cooked up, along the lines of Twill in Python, using HttpUnit).
Both of these items are being used in the development of the Kogics website (to power upcoming collaborative features for Kojo).


Saad said...

very impressive tool

Lalit Pant said...

Thanks, Saad. Feedback (as you use the tool) is very welcome.

Also, a new version of Kojo - with a lot of exciting new features for project-work by children - will be out soon...

Srini Vemula said...

Downloaded and reviewing kojo!! Looks interesting!

Himadri Palit said...

very interesting..a really cool tool

Could you advise if Scala is suitable for a client server application.

Lalit Pant said...

Yes, Himadri - check out and