Thursday, July 3, 2008

Parallel Folds: Sample Code

To enable easy access to the sample source code for my previous blog post on Clustered Scala Actors, I have set up a GitHub project at:

If you don't want to mess with Git, the sample files can be downloaded (as a gzipped tarball) from:

I have been playing with this code using Java 1.6.0_05, Scala 2.7.1, and Terracotta 2.6.1

After downloading and extracting the files, and navigating to the root of extracted directory tree, here's what you need to do to run the sample:

Console 0
Run Terracotta Server
Console 1:
# modify and set M2_REPO and SCALA_HOME appropriately 
mvn compile
cd target/classes -c
Console 2:
cd target/classes -c
Console 3:
 cd target/classes


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